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Houston,Texas Police Department
Milwaukee Fire
San Jose Police and Fire Communications 
PSCI conducted a comprehensive review of all units and all substations within the Houston Police Department. From this review, PSCI developed a comprehensive Functional Requirement Specification and defining all of Houston’s RMS and Mobile Computing Requirements. Based upon the approved Functional Requirements Specification, PSCI developed the Request for Proposal. We prepared and conducted an extensive Benchmark test. The Benchmark tested the proposed RMS and Mobile Computing Software under true load conditions for each vendor. Using user developed scenarios and simulating 3000 workstations operational at the time of the test. This test simulated a true working environment. We also required the vendors to setup their system in a “Trade Show” environment to allow Houston PD personnel to view the system and to provide their opinions about each system to the evaluation committee. Based upon the results of the benchmark and user input, PSCI assisted Houston PD in making their final decision. PSCI is now under contract with Houston to assist with the implementation of the selected systems,
PSCI assisted the Milwaukee Fire Department in defining its requirements for a CAD system and a comprehensive fire, record management system. PSCI completed the initial requirements for both CAD and Records. We developed a comprehensive Functional Requirement Specification and turned that document into the required Request for Proposal. PSCI conducted comprehensive benchmark tests of the finalists. We calculated the results of the benchmark and made recommendations to Milwaukee for final vendor selection. We assisted in the contract negotiations with the successful vendor and provided project management oversight during the implementation phase.
PSCI provided consulting services to San Jose for a new Record Management system. San Jose contracted once again with PSCI to replace their existing CAD system. This was PSCI’s third contract with the City of San Jose. In this project, PSCI defined the specific requirements of the San Jose Police and Fire Departments’ CAD systems that include AVL and integration of mobile computing. PSCI drafted the functional requirements, and developed the necessary Request for Proposal. We conducted a comprehensive benchmark analysis of the three finalist’s offerings and made recommendations based upon the results of these comprehensive tests. San Jose selected a vendor and we assisted with contract negotiations. We did this for both the CAD and RMS projects, which were separate. As discussed above, PSCI developed the Benchmark Testing Process when we did the RMS project. We now conduct Benchmark Tests for all projects.
Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office
Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) is a regional center for RMS and Jail Management and Field Mobile Computing. PSCI is currently under contract with the WCSO. We conducted an analysis of the Sheriff’s office and developed a comprehensive Functional Requirement Specification defining the requirements for the WCSO’s information technology requirements. Upon approval of the Functional Requirement Specification, PSCI developed the associated Request for Proposal, which is currently on streets. We will assist the WCSO in selecting the appropriate contractor capable of meeting the WCSO requirements and to oversee the implementation of the system.
Our Clients
Here at Public Safety Consultants Inc. we take pride in the relationships we form with our clients and the services we provide. PSCI has worked with over one hundred police, fire and EMS agencies and a wide range of department sizes on various different project styles during our Twenty-plus years of experience. With that experience we are confident we will be able to serve and exceed your agency’s needs. Here is a very brief look at just a few projects that highlight our diversity.