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Information Technology Consulting is one of the hallmarks of our practice. We provide consulting services directly to the end users on the assessment and implementation of technology. Specifically, we assist agencies with the following:

E 9-1-1/NG 9-1-1 
Computer Aided Dispatching
Mobile Computing 
Communications Center Design
Police and Fire Automated Information Systems (Record Management Systems)
Police and Fire Strategic Planning
Court Systems
Jail Management Systems
Geographic Based Crime and Fire analysis systems
AVL/GPS Systems
Public Safety GIS/Mapping Systems 

PSCI strongly believes that the implementation of these systems must serve to enhance operations for the intended agencies. Our focus is on the processes performed and defining the agency’s specific automation needs to enhance productivity, improve processes, and provide decision support capabilities to supervisors and management. Once a clearly defined automation plan is in place, PSCI assists agencies in the procurement of the appropriate systems and sub-systems. Upon selection of the appropriate system, PSCI can help manage the implementation process, if the agency so desires. After implementation of the system, we then evaluate its effectiveness to ensure that the final system meets the stated goals and objectives. This final evaluation also suggests an analysis of future directions for the agency.

In today’s public-safety software environment, obtaining the appropriate software that truly meets the agency’s requirements requires careful scrutiny. This is why PSCI is the first public safety-consulting firm in the nation to use benchmark testing to analyze vendors’ proposed solutions. Benchmark testing requires vendors to demonstrate their system's ability to meet the criteria specified in the RFP and attested to in their proposal. This is a unique approach that we believe gives PSCI a strong advantage in assisting public safety agencies to successfully implement systems. Benchmark testing provides the ability to observe the system under nearly realistic conditions and to vary load to ensure it is capable of handling an agencies needs.
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